Here and there

Went to get art supplies wew for my water colouring work

I have officially exported my entire dayre to and I still can’t decide if I should stick to WBI or here? But anyway, I have always been a reader not a writer 😅 So we shall see how it goes! I don’t think I’ll be updating dayre until further notice since I don’t wanna go through another process of exporting my posts over ahhhhh but I’m still holding onto hope that #savedayre will happen!!!

I have also started a new semester on Monday and I’m stoked to learn new things except doing my assignments 🤷🏻‍♀️

YAY Ippudo for cny instead of steamboat 😋

📍 National Gallery

BTS of our selfie 😂

Here’s our annual photo at National Gallery! 💕

Wearing one of my favourite off shoulder top from #theclosetlover and Bondi flowy pants from #thetinselrack

Back to school tmr 🤷🏻‍♀️

初二 at my yeye’s place! I still look for him whenever I come over and it feels weird that he isn’t around anymore.

Home cooked food prepared by my aunts!

With one of our favourite cousin! 💕

With my sister and both of us are in #theclosetlover yayyyyy 💕

Yay florals for 初二 🤗

Currently back at my own place to prepare another round of steamboat!!

Grandpa is preparing meatballs! 😋


Final product 😍

YAY ❤️

Happy 初一 everybody!!! 💕

Woke up early to prepare for steamboat for everyone visiting today wew

I’m so happy that I don’t have to do much visitings this year since everyone is coming to my house 😂

(Am currently waiting for king kyler to arrive 🤣)

Let the feasting begin!! 😋

Yearly affair where 阿公 prepares the batter for fried golden prawns!!! 🍤😍


Kyler’s favourite ngoh hiang 😍


Ending my 初一 with magnum ice cream wew

Blessed Lunar New Year Eve y’all! 🍊🍊🍊

This time last year, I had stomach flu on the eve of CNY and for the entire week omg imagine how horrible I felt 🙄

Stock up even more food last night cos we are kiasu like that 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m soooo excited for cny and can’t wait to meet and catch up with everyone!!

Wheee just received 2 angbaos from my Aunt and Uncle and I purposely gave them the pretty ones from #theclosetlover and #ttr 😂

Ordered catering instead of dining out this year!! So glad we decide to do this tho we had to clean up but we have all the time and space to chat and bond ahhhhh I’m thankful!!!! ❤️

Can’t seem to get a proper shot with baby kyler 🤦🏻‍♀️

Strangling me!!!!

Yet again 🤦🏻‍♀️

I had to beg him to smile nicely omg 🙄


HUAT AH!!!! 🍊

Had to crop some of them out but I seriously love my fam ❤️

God bless our family always x

HAHAHA love this boomerang 😂💕

YAY managed to squeeze everyone in 💕

Went to NTUC last weekend to stock up on food for steamboat!!! But there were a lot of empty shelves 💔

So I’ll be heading over to Fairprice Finest later with the sister to get more food wew

A good alternative when I’m craving for BBT

So the other day I went to Dandro to have collagen hotpot and the staff told us they we only had to top up another $8 to have both hotpot AND KBBQ lehhhh omg what a good deal!!

Total bill: $34 each wheeee 💯

And I realised that I can’t concentrate on eating and ended up eating so much lesser than what I usually would. I barely drank the soup cos KBBQ looks way more appealing 😂

But it’s still a gooood deal since you get to eat both!!

I finally caught Maze Runner last Saturday!!!! I cried at the end of the movie + I alr cried beforehand when I read the book 2 years ago? Aiyaaaa so sad 😭💔

Also bought 3 more items from #theclosetlover last night from their final cny launch and also my last 😂

I bought the culottes in white cos it’s perfect length for me + I love the ruffles!!!

Andddd I bought the top on the left in white 😍

Thennnn I bought this top in white too! Plus TCL is having 18% off when you buy 3 items so super worth it wheeeee!

I didn’t know even know their sale has started until I saw my sister (just woke up) lying on her bed beside me and busy adding a lot of items into her cart 😂


Not gonna update WordPress/Steller/WBI for the time being cos I’m lazy and there is no other microblogging app and community like here 💔

I’m still holding onto hope that there will be a miracle but even if there isn’t, at least everyone here tried their best especially sgbb!!! Wa she’s damn awesome and dedicated 🙏🏼

But if Dayre is here to stay then YAY! I would gladly pay $50 for Dayre Plus tbh cos nothing is free in this world so if I want something I gotta pay a price for it 🤷🏻‍♀️

#imstaying 💕

We deserve a community like Dayre

WHICH I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Thank you @eustaciatan 🤗

YAY more food!! I’m obsessed with eating pork belly and fishballs recently omgggg I need it whenever I have steamboat.

$120 for everything……xiao expensive 🤷🏻‍♀️


There is none like Dayre

I’ve tried Steller and Weblogit but both doesn’t seem right to me……I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I will start to get used to BlogLovin’ or perhaps Dayre will be saved.

16 days till I say good bye to Dayre forever. I never thought this day would come so soon ☹️ I’ll definitely miss the community the most.

Trying out Steller today!! (Thank you @ekyle ) I’ll probably try out Bloglovin’ tonight 😂

A few people mentioned Medium and I have been using it for quite some time now probably almost a year? I love that app cos they have lots of interesting topics and things to read but I honestly don’t think that’s a suitable app for daily ramblings 😦

Medium (to me) it’s more of an app to read about certain issues and views…’s more of a reading app for me.

I’ve considered shifting back to WordPress (I used to use it like years ago LOL) but again to me its like an actual blog which isn’t exactly what I like 😭 Sigh where can I find another Dayre 💔

Some people probably don’t and will never understand why I’m so sad that this platform will be gone in mere 18 days, but I’ve grown to love this app over the years and reading posts from my favourite dayreans and my friends ☹️ Sigh pie.

Tried Steller for about an hour and I think it will be a good alternative to upload photos for my future trips for keepsake but I still feel that it can’t be used for daily ramblings. But the app’s aesthetic REALLY DAMN ON POINT!!!!

And omg I hope that they’ll hurry release the function to back up my posts!!! I also don’t know why I’m rambling non stop here cos that would mean I have more posts to back up 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anddd WBI is way too colourful especially when everyone on my timeline is using a different colour for each post omg my eyes hurts!!! Even the app’s logo is colourful 🤦🏻‍♀️

But I guess the good thing is that they take in feedback and work on it really quickly. Okay la oh my tian I hope a trustable company will buy Dayre 🙏🏼